Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers have an expiration date of three years from the issue date and can be redeemed both online and in-store.

To purchase one online please visit the Gift Cards page on our website.

You will find that you have two options when purchasing a gift card online:

  • You can choose either a physical gift card that we can ship to an address. This requires a shipping fee - $10 Standard or $15 Express.
  • You can request an electronic gift voucher that will be delivered straight to your appointed email inbox. This option does not incur any shipping fees.

Please treat your gift voucher as cash, unfortunately we will not be able to replace a lost or misplaced card.

When purchasing shoes online, only one gift voucher may be redeemed per transaction. However, you can use multiple gift vouchers to pay in-store. .

How To Redeem Your Gift Voucher Online

Step 1. Once you have have everything you want to purchase in your cart click on 'Checkout Now'.

Step 2. If you are using a desktop computer you will find the gift voucher field on the right hand side of the screen. If you are using your smart phone you can find the gift voucher field by clicking on 'Show Order Summary'. Enter your gift card number and four digit pin.

Step 3. Click 'Apply'

Step 4. Once applied, the payable balance presented on your screen should update. Please make sure the gift voucher has applied properly before moving through the checkout.

    If your gift voucher doesn’t seem to be applying at checkout this is due to incorrect credentials or poor internet connection. Please make sure you are using the most current version of your browser.

    We are unable to use a gift voucher for your purchase once the order has been placed and has been confirmed.

    If you are purchasing an item that is less than the value of your gift card, the remaining balance will stay on your card until the card expires. If you are purchasing something of greater value, the difference will be charged to you. You can choose to pay the remaining amount via credit card, Zip or Afterpay.

    Lost Or Stolen Gift Voucher?

    Unfortunately we cannot replace any lost or stolen vouchers. Please treat your gift card like cash and keep the card number and pin private.

    Want To Return An Item Purchased On A Gift Voucher?

    Items that are returned where a gift card has been used will have the funds returned onto a new gift card, unfortunately we cannot reload old gift cards with new funds.

    Need some help? Send us an email at