Product Care

Each type of shoe finish will have its own set of care tips - some finishes may require a little more TLC than others. To keep your new shoes in great condition, we have compiled a list of tips shown below:


For leather shoes, we always recommend that you waterproof before your first wear. Dirt and dust should be removed with a dry clean cloth. We suggest treating leather monthly with a neutral leather conditioner such as Zorbel that will nourish and clean. Allow the leather conditioner to dry and then buff to shine. For any touch-ups use a polishing sponge such as Double Shine. This will bring back the sheen to your leather shoes.


For printed leather shoes we always recommend that you waterproof before your first wear. This is a surface finishing that may be removed with abrasions and wear. Fading of this finish is not considered a flaw as this is normal wear for this type of leather. Treat this surface with care as this printed finish cannot be re-applied or restored once removed. To bring the lustre back to your printed leather shoes we suggest using a polishing sponge such as Double Shine.


Suede is a delicate material that needs care and attention, we always recommend that you waterproof this material before your first wear. Be wary of getting suede shoes wet! If they do get wet, let them dry naturally (not in front of a heater) then brush delicately with a suede brush. You can also use a suede brush to remove dirt from the surface of the shoes.


Pony hair leather is delicate and if scuffed or scraped may damage the appearance and cause loss of fur. As this is a natural product, this is therefore not seen as a fault. To clean, wipe down with dry/slightly damp cloth. We always recommend that you waterproof before your first wear.


Crackled leather can be delicate and cracks can further appear and become deeper and more pronounced with wear. This is not a fault but an ageing characteristic of the treatment on the leather.


Use a water and stain protector regularly- we recommend Waproo. Water and liquid can stain velvet easily, act quickly! Throughout its life velvet can become crushed and lose its sheen. Like all shoes, regular care is required to maintain its distinct texture and finish. Avoid high exposure to sunlight as it will affect the colour. Store your velvet shoes in a shoe bag/inside their box, in a cool, dry area to protect from dust and moisture.


Metallic shoes have a foil finish that is laminated onto the upper. To clean simply wipe down with a dry/slightly damp cloth. The foil will naturally wear off with any abrasion. Treat this surface with care as this finish cannot be re-applied or restored once removed.


We recommend to always waterproof fabric before the first wear. Remove excess dust and dirt and then clean with a foam fabric cleaner. Treat marks on fabric by gently wiping with a soft damp cloth to clean. Leave to dry naturally.


Beads, crystals, gems and stitching may be damaged or lost if caught or snagged. Gems and beads are fixed securely, but we cannot guarantee they will remain attached. These shoes are extremely delicate in nature and great care should be taken to avoid any abrasion whilst wearing.


We advise you to get a “TOPY” (rubber) sole to protect the sole once worn in. This will lengthen the life of your shoes and protect them from water damage, especially boots.


Heel tips often wear down quickly or come away from the heel; they are likened to a button falling off a shirt and can be replaced quickly and easily. Watch for excessive wear on heel tips, we strongly advise you replace the heel tips once they have worn through, BEFORE wearing into the heel. This will allow you to wear your shoes for longer and prevent damaging the heel structure.


If you have any questions about how best to care for your shoes, please send us an email at