Shoe Cream - Black


Product Details

Collonil Shoe Cream (Black)

Weight: 140g
Volume: 50ml
Responsibly manufactured in Germany

Leather Shoes Cream Cleaner: Reviving Your Footwear.
Collonil Shoe Cream in black is a nourishing colour care cream for smooth leather and synthetics. It helps bring dull or neglected leather back to life by reviving the colour and lustre. Simply apply a thin layer of cream with a polishing cloth or an applicator brush. Leave for a few minutes and buff with a soft polishing cloth.

The many benefits of buffing, polishing and protecting your favourite belts and boots with our Collonil Shoe Cream include:

  • Bringing the colour back: Dirt, dust and UV exposure can shift the shade and exterior of leather over time. A cleaner can remove residue and protect the surface of your bag or wallet from fading out in the sun.
  • Guard against moisture and water exposure: Protect the exterior surfaces of your favourite pieces to prevent breakdown over time.
  • Polish: Buff and shine your boots for a professional, well-kept look.
  • Get the scuffs out: Did you hit something tough? Buff out a scuff mark with cleaner.
  • Remove dirt and grime: Had a weekend away in the bush? Remove sand, salt, dirt and mud from your favourite boots before heading back out on the road.